Adopt the UN recommended fastest anti-virus coating Enhance anti-epidemic precautions for our school

We always uphold our mission to provide quality pre-school education for our children and pay attention to the hygiene standard of our environment. Since the previous confirmed case of one of the parent of our student, we did a whole – school sanitization immediately while at the same time enhanced our anti-epidemic precautions to fight against the possible epidemic challenge in future.

For the lack of self-protection awareness of children, they tend to touch their eyes, noses and other children or put some objects into their mouths. Therefore, the anti-infection coating we choose must have the following features :

1. Must have circulative self-cleaning power and can functions automatically in any circumstances around the clock.
2. Can eliminate bacteria and virus at the fastest speed and thus minimize children’s risk of infection.
3. Coating materials must be safe for children – it causes no harm to children even they put the objects covered by anti-virus coating material into their mouths.

The NASC medical professional anti-epidemic coating we choose, which is developed in Japan and imported with original packaging to Hong Kong, can satisfied the above criteria. NASC’s metal mixing technology used in coating can undergo photocatalyst without light and purify itself in darkness persistently.

The anti-epidemic can eliminate corona-19 virus and its variant, influenza virus, staphylococcus aureus and E-coli etc., and can dissolve pollutants, such as formaldehyde. The nano molecule used in coating can dissolve 99.9% virus as fast as 15 seconds, which is the fastest in the world and can lower the risk of infection by children.

Most of the photocatalyst coating products in the market contain TIO2, which belongs to Group 2 carcinogen classified by the WHO. However, instead of using TIO2, NASC use the precious metal WO3, which is safer and more efficient in purification. At the same time, platinum is used instead of silver in the metal mixing technology. The Food and Sanitation Law in Japan permits the coating to be used for covering toys that are put into baby’s mouth. The coating technology is also recommended as outstanding in the food and health industry by the United Nation.

We are glad that the NASC coating has arrived Hong Kong in this critical moment and provides our students, teaching staff, parents and all visitors with safety precautions.